I’m Berna. I’m twenty five years old. I love reading, listening music and being in nature as a villager. Ohh being in a green place that is surrounded with oaks, poplars and streams always makes me feel like everything is much esaier and simpler than it looks in life. I really love teaching beacuse it’s great to see the progress in students by the time. I have been teaching English for two years. I have worked with kids, adults and teenagers groups. In my opinion culture plays a vital role in language learning beacuse when we speak a language we express our thougths and emotions like the way the native speaker’s of this language. What I’m saying is that if you want learn a language you should try to feel relax and good in that language and be curious about the culture as well. As a teacher I always try to make my students feel in that language and state themselves just with the few words that they know. I belive there can’t be an exact way and a speed for learning a new thing that works for everyone that’s why I want to discover this way and speed with my each student. I hope all of you can enjoy their learing journey and learn to embrace.


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